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GEON specializes in developing digital content, building blockchain solutions, responsive websites and mobile apps.


Your proof of immunization on a secure Hyperledger Blockchain. More Info

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Content creation and digital consulting

Impactful writing and video production

Digital Content

Video production, technical writing, specialized content and SEO


Hyperledger blockchain and smart contracts

Graphing Databases & Neo4j

Enterprise-strength graph database combining native graph storage and scalable architecture that is optimized for speed

Responsive Websites

All device shapes & sizes with a consistent brand message designed to boost SEO

Hyperledger Fabric!

Hyperledger Fabric is a modular blockchain framework that acts as a foundation for developing blockchain-based products, solutions, and applications. Build a secure, private blockchain and experience the power of a private distributed ledger.

Case Studies

The Geographic Group Website

The Geographic Group — GEON built a responsive web site that is worthy of their luxury safaris.
Client: Geographic Group Service: Web Development

A simple platform to upload, maintain and demonstrate proof of vaccinations using an immutable, distributed ledger that provides scalability, performance and trust.
Service: Hyperledger Blockchain, Technical Design, Writing & Consulting

Diabetesville, USA

Documentary film about the diabetes epidemic along the Texas/Mexico Border.
Directed & Produced Michael Seringer Service: Writing, Film Production & Website Design Video Production and Editing with Rogy Productions


Digital Content, Blockchain and Website Development


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